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AffiPLANT® Plant Preservation Solution

AffiPLANT® Plant Preservation Solution


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AffiPLANT® is a cutting-edge plant preservation solution developed by AffiGen. It is meticulously formulated to enhance the longevity and vitality of plants during transportation, storage, and research experiments. With its unique blend of natural compounds and scientific advancements, AffiPLANT® provides optimal conditions for plant health, ensuring their freshness and quality are maintained.

Designed to address the specific needs of plants, AffiPLANT® offers a comprehensive solution for preserving a wide range of plant species, including delicate flowers, foliage, and even sensitive tissues. Its balanced composition helps prevent wilting, dehydration, and microbial contamination, safeguarding the plants' cellular integrity and physiological processes.

AffiPLANT®'s carefully selected ingredients provide essential nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants that promote plant resilience and recovery, minimizing stress-related damage during handling and transit. The solution also includes gentle plant growth regulators that aid in maintaining growth and vitality, resulting in healthier, more robust plants upon arrival at their destination.

Easy to use, AffiPLANT® comes in a convenient liquid form that can be applied directly to the plant's stems, leaves, or as a solution for soaking cuttings. Its non-toxic and environmentally friendly formulation ensures the safety of both the plants and the handlers.

Whether you are a florist, a plant researcher, or a plant enthusiast, AffiPLANT® is your reliable partner for maintaining plant freshness, improving post-harvest quality, and prolonging the shelf life of plants. Experience the difference with AffiPLANT® and unlock the full potential of your plants throughout their journey.

General Protocol:


  • Ensure a clean and sterile work area.
  • Gather all necessary materials and reagents.
  • Prepare the required volumes of solutions according to the specific experiment or application.

Sample Handling:

  • Handle the samples with care to avoid contamination or damage.
  • If applicable, trim or cut the samples to the desired size or shape.

Treatment with AffiPLANT®:

  • Place the samples in a container or vessel suitable for holding the AffiPLANT® solution.
  • Pour or immerse the samples in AffiPLANT®, ensuring they are fully submerged or adequately coated.
  • Adjust the volume of AffiPLANT® as needed to cover the samples completely.


  • Place the container with the samples and AffiPLANT® in a suitable environment for incubation.
  • Follow the recommended temperature and duration for optimal results. This may vary depending on the specific application or experiment.


  • After the desired incubation period, remove the samples from the AffiPLANT® solution.
  • Gently shake off any excess solution or blot the samples with a sterile tissue if necessary.
  • Proceed with the subsequent steps of your experiment or application.

Note: The specific protocol may vary depending on the intended use of AffiPLANT® and the type of plants or tissues being treated. It is recommended to refer to the product instructions and any accompanying documentation for detailed protocols tailored to your specific requirements.

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