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AffiPLANT® Plant Preservation Solution

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AffiPLANT® Plant Preservation Solution

Section 1: Detailed Product Description

Composition and Formulation: AffiPLANT® is a unique blend of biocompatible preservatives and nutrients, carefully formulated to maintain the physiological and genetic integrity of plant tissues. This solution is designed to penetrate plant cells efficiently, ensuring optimal preservation at the molecular level. It's free from harsh chemicals that can compromise plant tissue integrity, making it a safe choice for a wide range of applications.

Mode of Action: The solution works by stabilizing cellular structures and metabolic processes in plant tissues. It prevents cellular breakdown by creating an environment that mimics natural living conditions, thus halting degradation processes. The solution's action at the DNA level ensures that genetic material remains intact and free from mutations during the preservation period.

Section 2: Technical Advantages

Preservation Efficacy: Through extensive research and trials, AffiPLANT® has demonstrated superior efficacy in preserving plant tissues, including rare and delicate species. The solution's ability to maintain cellular viability over extended periods surpasses traditional preservation methods, as evidenced by numerous case studies and peer-reviewed publications.

Extended Lifespan: AffiPLANT® significantly extends the lifespan of plant tissues, making it an invaluable tool for long-term studies and conservation efforts. It allows for extended observational periods and reduces the frequency of sample replacement, thereby saving time and resources.

Section 3: Applications in Research and Industry

Research Applications: In academic settings, AffiPLANT® is instrumental in genetic research, plant pathology studies, and conservation biology. It enables researchers to study plant tissues over extended periods without the risk of degradation, thus providing more reliable and reproducible results.

Industrial Applications: The agriculture sector, biotechnology companies, and conservation organizations benefit from AffiPLANT®'s ability to preserve plant genetic resources, support breeding programs, and aid in the conservation of endangered species.

Section 4: User Instructions and Safety

Usage Guidelines: For optimal results, AffiPLANT® should be applied following specific protocols. These include pre-treatment preparations, correct dilution ratios, and appropriate storage conditions post-application.

Safety Precautions: While AffiPLANT® is formulated to be safe for use, standard laboratory safety practices should be observed. This includes the use of personal protective equipment and proper disposal methods.

Section 5: Comparative Analysis

Comparison with Existing Solutions: When compared to other preservation solutions on the market, AffiPLANT® stands out for its effectiveness, safety profile, and versatility. It is particularly effective in preserving a wide range of plant species, including those traditionally considered challenging to preserve.

Unique Selling Points (USPs): The USPs of AffiPLANT® include its advanced molecular preservation technology, broad-spectrum efficacy, and user-friendly application process.

Section 6: FAQs and Technical Support

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): This section addresses common questions about AffiPLANT®, offering clarity and additional insights.

Q1: What types of plant tissues can be preserved using AffiPLANT® PPM?

A1: AffiPLANT® is designed to preserve a wide range of plant tissues, including leaves, stems, roots, seeds, and even delicate tissues like meristems and callus cultures. It's effective across various plant species, from common agricultural crops to rare and exotic plants.

Q2: Can AffiPLANT® be used for long-term storage of plant genetic material?

A2: Absolutely. AffiPLANT® is ideal for long-term genetic preservation. It maintains the viability and integrity of DNA and other genetic materials in plant tissues, making it suitable for conservation and breeding programs.

Q3: How does AffiPLANT® benefit tissue culture and micropropagation?

A3: In tissue culture and micropropagation, AffiPLANT® enhances the survival rate of explants and cultured tissues. It helps maintain sterility and reduces the risk of contamination, thereby improving the efficiency and success rate of tissue culture processes.

Q4: Is AffiPLANT® suitable for preserving plant samples for educational purposes?

A4: Yes, AffiPLANT® is excellent for educational use. It allows for the preservation of plant samples for extended periods, making them available for study and examination in classrooms and labs without the need for constant replacement.

Q5: Can AffiPLANT® PPM be used in plant pathology and disease studies?

A5: Certainly. AffiPLANT® is useful in plant pathology studies as it preserves plant tissues infected with pathogens without altering the disease state. This enables detailed study and analysis of plant diseases over time.

Q6: Is AffiPLANT® compatible with subsequent analytical and diagnostic techniques?

A6: AffiPLANT® is formulated to be compatible with a variety of analytical and diagnostic techniques, including molecular assays, genetic sequencing, and histological studies. Its preservation qualities do not interfere with subsequent analyses.

Q7: How does AffiPLANT® contribute to sustainable agriculture practices?

A7: By enhancing the preservation of plant genetic resources, AffiPLANT® supports sustainable agriculture practices. It aids in the conservation of biodiversity and assists in the development of resilient crop varieties.

Q8: Are there any specific storage conditions required for AffiPLANT®?

A8: AffiPLANT® should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. Specific storage temperature requirements will be provided with the product documentation.

Q9: Can AffiPLANT® be used in cryopreservation protocols?

A9: AffiPLANT® can be integrated into cryopreservation protocols as a pre-treatment step to enhance cell viability post-thaw. It helps in stabilizing cells and tissues before and after cryogenic storage.

Q10: How does AffiPLANT® handle different environmental and climatic conditions in plant preservation?

A10: AffiPLANT® is formulated to be robust across a range of environmental and climatic conditions. It maintains its efficacy in preserving plant tissues under various temperatures and humidity levels, making it versatile for use in diverse geographical locations.

Support Information: AffiGEN Inc. provides comprehensive technical support for AffiPLANT® users, ensuring they can fully leverage the benefits of the product.


In summary, AffiPLANT® Plant Preservation Solution is a revolutionary product that brings efficiency, reliability, and innovation to plant preservation. We invite you to explore the potential of AffiPLANT® in your research or industrial applications. For orders or further inquiries, please contact us.

Section 7: Standard Protocol for Using AffiPLANT® Plant Preservation Solution


To provide a standardized procedure for the effective use of AffiPLANT® for preserving various plant tissues.

Required Materials

  • AffiPLANT® Plant Preservation Solution
  • Plant tissue samples (leaves, stems, roots, seeds, etc.)
  • Sterile containers or petri dishes
  • Sterilized tools (forceps, scalpels, etc.)
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including gloves and lab coat
  • Sterile water (if dilution is required)

Protocol Steps

  1. Preparation of Workspace and Materials:

    • Clean and sterilize the workspace.
    • Ensure all tools and containers are sterilized to prevent contamination.
    • Prepare PPE for use.
  2. Preparation of AffiPLANT® Solution:

    • If dilution is required, prepare the AffiPLANT® solution according to the manufacturer's instructions.
    • Use sterile water for dilution to maintain the sterility of the solution.
  3. Sample Collection and Initial Processing:

    • Collect the plant tissue samples using sterilized tools.
    • If necessary, trim or cut the samples to the desired size.
  4. Application of AffiPLANT®:

    • Place the plant tissue samples in a sterile container or petri dish.
    • Gently apply or immerse the samples in the AffiPLANT® solution, ensuring complete coverage of the tissues.
    • Avoid over-saturation or prolonged exposure to the solution beyond the recommended time.
  5. Incubation:

    • Incubate the samples in AffiPLANT® under the recommended conditions. This may vary depending on the type of plant tissue and the desired preservation duration.
  6. Post-Preservation Processing:

    • After the recommended incubation period, carefully remove the plant tissues from the solution.
    • If necessary, rinse the tissues with sterile water to remove any excess preservation solution.
  7. Storage:

    • Store the preserved plant tissues in a clean, sterile container.
    • Follow the specific storage guidelines provided by AffiPLANT® for optimal preservation.
  8. Safety and Cleanup:

    • Dispose of any used solution and materials according to safety guidelines.
    • Clean and sterilize all tools and surfaces after use.
  9. Record Keeping:

    • Document the process, including dates, types of plant tissues, solution concentrations, and any observations. This information is crucial for reproducibility and future reference.

Notes and Considerations

  • Always follow the specific guidelines provided with the AffiPLANT® solution for the best results.
  • Tailor the protocol as needed based on the specific requirements of the plant tissue being preserved.
  • Regularly check the condition of stored samples to ensure ongoing preservation efficacy.


This standard protocol serves as a guideline for using AffiPLANT® Plant Preservation Solution effectively. Modifications may be necessary based on specific research needs and types of plant materials.