AffiCHECK® PCR Controls by Pathogen

AffiCHECK® PCR Controls by Pathogen - Reliable Quality Controls for PCR

At AffiGEN®, we understand the critical role of PCR controls in ensuring the validity of your molecular biology experiments. AffiCHECK® PCR Controls specifically developed to validate and monitor PCR assays, allowing you to detect and amplify target sequences with utmost precision. Let's explore the classification of pathogens tested by PCR and the comprehensive coverage provided by AffiCHECK® PCR Controls.

Classification of Pathogens Tested by PCR:

  1. Viruses: PCR plays a crucial role in detecting and identifying viral pathogens. AffiCHECK® PCR Controls offer reliable options for viral detection, including but not limited to:
  1. Bacteria: PCR-based assays are widely used for bacterial identification and diagnosis. AffiCHECK® PCR Controls cover a broad range of bacterial pathogens, such as:
  1. Fungi: PCR is an effective tool for fungal pathogen detection. AffiCHECK® PCR Controls include controls for various clinically significant fungi, including:

This classification represents a selection of common pathogens tested by PCR, but AffiCHECK® PCR Controls offer comprehensive coverage for an extensive range of pathogens, ensuring accurate detection and amplification.

Why Choose AffiCHECK® PCR Controls?

1. Unparalleled Accuracy: AffiCHECK® PCR Controls deliver exceptional accuracy, allowing you to validate and monitor your PCR assays with confidence. Designed to mimic the genetic material of specific pathogens, our controls ensure precise detection and amplification of target sequences.

2. Rigorous Quality Assurance: Each AffiCHECK® PCR Control undergoes meticulous testing to guarantee accuracy, consistency, and stability. Our controls provide reproducible results, minimizing false positives or negatives, and ensuring reliable data for your research.

3. Broad Pathogen Coverage: AffiCHECK® PCR Controls cover a comprehensive range of pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, and other relevant microorganisms. This extensive coverage enables you to address various infectious diseases and identify specific pathogen targets efficiently.

4. Seamless Integration: AffiCHECK® PCR Controls are designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing workflows. Compatible with most PCR instruments and protocols, they can be easily incorporated into your experiments, saving valuable time and streamlining your laboratory operations.

Enhance Your PCR Experiments with AffiCHECK® PCR Controls by Pathogen

AffiCHECK® PCR Controls, developed by AffiGEN®, are your trusted solution for accurate and reliable PCR results. With their unparalleled accuracy, rigorous quality assurance, broad pathogen coverage, and seamless integration, these controls empower you to unlock precise and reproducible molecular biology experiments.

Choose AffiGEN® as your partner in molecular biology solutions and experience the difference that AffiCHECK® PCR Controls by Pathogen can make in your laboratory. Contact us today to explore the advanced features and benefits of AffiCHECK® PCR Controls and elevate the quality of your molecular biology research.

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