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AffiZYME® Lysozyme

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AffiZYME® Lysozyme

AffoZYME® Lysozyme is an alkaline enzyme that hydrolyzes mucopolysaccharides in bacteria. It mainly destroys the β-1,4 glycosidic bond between N-acetylmuramic acid and N-acetylglucosamine on the cell wall, breaking insoluble mucopolysaccharides into soluble glycopeptides. This leads to cell wall rupture and bacteriolysis in the end.


Components AFG-VZ-DE103
Lysozyme 200 mg
Lysozyme Buffer 10 mL



Store Lysozyme dry powder at 2 ~ 8°C and transport at room temperature. Store the other components at room temperature (15 ~ 25°C) and transport at room temperature.


Mainly for the digestion of Gram-positive bacteria cell walls during DNA and RNA preparation.