AffiVET® Canine Brucella Antibody Rapid Test Kit

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AffiVET® Canine Brucella Antibody Rapid Test Kit

Species: Canine

Disease or Pathogen: Brucellosis

Target: Antibody

Test Type: Rapid Tests

Test principle : 

This test is an immunochromatographic assay designed to qualitatively detect anti-Brucella canis antibodies in canine whole blood, serum and plasma specimens.

The test device has a test window. When the sample is applied to the sample well on the device, the liquid will flow laterally on the surface of the test strip.

Specifications : 

1 test/kit

10 tests/kit

Components : 

  1. Test Device : 1/10 piece(s)
  2. Diluent : 1/10 tube(s)
  3. Dropper : 1/10 piece(s)
  4. Sample Collection Tube : 1/10 tube(s)
  5. Packing Insert : 1 piece 

Materials required but not provided with the kit : 



Non-anticoagulant sample collection tube

Sample requirements : 

Whole Blood: Collect the anticoagulated whole blood in the
anticoagulant tube provided in the test kit. Close the cap
on the anticoagulant tube and invert the tube five times
to mix the whole blood sample and the EDTA.

Serum: Collect the whole blood into a collection tube that has no anticoagulant. Wait for 30 minutes to coagulate the blood. Centrifuge the sample and collect the supernatant which contains serum.

Plasma: Collect the whole blood into the anticoagulation tube. Centrifuge the sample and collect the supernatant to get the plasma.

Detection limit : 

No cross-reactivity with other canine pathogens such as CDV, CHV, Leishmania infantum, Babesia canis, Toxoplasma was observed.

Storage and stability : 

  • Store at 2°C -30°C with relative humidity % 40-60 and no frozen.
  • Before testing if refrigerated, all components must be brought to room temperature.
  • Don't  open or remove the test kit from the sealed pouches until immediate use.
  • The test is stable until the expiration date and the kit must not be used beyond the expiration date.
  • The expiry date is stated/printed on the label/packaging of the sealed foil pouch.
  • Don't exposure to direct sunlight.