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AffiPURE® Plant DNA Isolation Mini Kit

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AffiPURE® Plant DNA Isolation Mini Kit

This kit is suitable for the rapid extraction of genomic DNA from plant tissues, especially those rich in polysaccharides and polyphenols. The kit is based on silica gel membrane purification technology without time-consuming alcohol precipitation and does not require phenol/chloroform, or any other toxic reagent during the extraction process, which can effectively remove impurities and other organic compounds from plant cell. The obtained genomic DNA with high purity and stable quality can be directly used in PCR, qPCR and enzyme digestion, etc. The amount of genomic DNA extracted from different plant tissues will vary.


Components AFG-VZ-DC104-01
50 Reactions
RNase A 250 μl
Buffer A1 25 mL
Buffer A2 10 mL
Buffer A3 15 mL
Buffer AW 15 mL
Elution Buffer 15 mL
AffiPure gDNA Columns IV 50
Collection Tubes 2 ml 50



RNase A: Used to remove RNA.
Buffer A1: Provide the lysis enviroment.
Buffer A2: Remove protein, cell debris and other impurities.
Buffer A3: Provide the binding environment.
Buffer AW: Remove residual salt ions of genomic DNA.
Elution Buffer: Elute genomic DNA.
AffiPure gDNA Columns IV: Adsorb genomic DNA.
Collection Tubes 2 mL: Collect filtrate.


Store at 15 ~ 25°C and transport at room temperature. If ambient temperatures often exceed 25°C, we suggest storing RNase A at 2 ~ 8°C.


≤100 mg fresh plant samples.
≤20 mg dried plant samples.

Self-prepared Materials:

Absolute ethanol, sterilized 1.5 ml centrifuge tube, mortar, and water bath or thermal shaker (Optional: PVP-40, β-Mercaptoethanol).