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AffiPURE® Gel DNA Extraction Mini Kit

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AffiPURE® Gel DNA Extraction Mini Kit

This kit adopts optimized buffer system and silica gel column purification technology, which can recover 70 bp - 20 kb DNA fragments from various concentrations of TAE or TBE agarose gel. DNA adsorption column can specially adsorp DNA under high-salt condition. In addition, the kit can directly purify DNA fragments from PCR products, enzymatic reaction systems or crude DNA products obtained by other methods, and remove impurities such as proteins, other organic compounds, inorganic salt ions and oligonucleotide primers. It can ensure that the purification can be completed within 10 - 15 min. The purified DNA can be used directly for ligation, transformation, enzyme digestion, in vitro transcription, PCR, sequencing, microinjection, etc. 


Components AFG-VZ-DC301-01
100 Reactions
Buffer GDP 80 mL
Buffer GW 2 x 20 mL
Elution Buffer 20 mL
AffiPURE DNA Mini Columns-G 100
Collection Tubes 2 ml 100



Buffer GDP: DNA binding buffer.
Buffer GW: Washing buffer; add absolute ethanol by the indicated volume on the bottle before use.
Elution Buffer: Elution.
AffiPURE DNA Mini Columns-G: DNA adsorption columns.
Collection Tubes 2 mL: Collection tubes for filtrate.


Store at 15 ~ 25℃ and transport at room temperature.


Various concentrations of TAE or TBE agarose gel; PCR products, enzymatic reaction systems or other crude DNA products obtained by various methods. Recovered fragments ranged from 70 bp - 20 kb.

Self-prepared Materials :

1.5 mL sterilized tubes, absolute ethanol and isopropanol (when DNA fragment ≤100 bp, add 1 volume isopropanol to 1 volume gel), water bath.