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AffiPURE® EndoFree Plasmid Maxi Kit

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AffiPURE® EndoFree Plasmid Maxi Kit

This kit is suitable for extraction from 150 - 300 ml of bacterial solution cultured overnight, using an improved SDS-alkaline lysis method to lyse the bacteria. The crude extract is selectively combined with a unique Endotoxin Scavenger and separated by centrifugation to remove endotoxins. Then, the silica gel membrane selectively binds to plasmid DNA in the solution under conditions of high-salt and low-pH. This is followed by addition of wash buffer to remove impurities and other bacterial components. Finally, a low-salt, high-pH elution buffer is used to elute pure plasmid DNA from the silicon matrix membrane. The silica gel membrane employs special adsorption membrane, and the adsorption amount difference between the column and the column is very small and the repeatability is good. Phenol, chloroform and other toxic reagents are not required, and neither is ethanol precipitation steps. This kit can be used to rapidly extract 0.2 - 1.5 mg of pure high-copy plasmid DNA, with an extraction rate of 80% - 90%. The kit uses an unique process formula removes endotoxin, the content of endotoxin is extremely low and the cell transfection effect is excellent. The extracted plasmid could be directly used in enzyme digestion, PCR, in vitro transcription, transformation, sequencing and other molecular biology experiments.


Components AFG-VZ-DC202-01
10 Reactions
RNase A 750 μL
Buffer P1 75 mL
Buffer P2 75 mL
Buffer P4 75 mL
Endotoxin Scavenger 25 mL
Buffer AW 2 x 22 mL
Buffer TB 20 mL
AffiPURE DNA Maxi Columns (each in a 50 ml Collection Tube) 10
Endotoxin-free Collection Tube 2 x 5



RNase A: 10 mg/ml, used to remove RNA.
Buffer P1: bacterial suspension buffer, add RNase A to Buffer P1 before first use.
Buffer P2: bacterial lysis buffer (containing SDS/NaOH).
Buffer P4: neutralizing buffer.
Endotoxin Scavenger: effectively remove endotoxin from the crude plasmid extract.
Buffer PW: wash buffer, add the stipulated volume of ethanol before first use.
Buffer TB: elution buffer.
AffiPURE DNA Maxi Columns: plasmid DNA adsorption columns.
Collection Tubes 50 ml: filtrate collection tubes.
Endotoxin-free Collection Tube: plasmid DNA collection tubes.



RNase A should be stored at -30 ~ -15°C and transported at ≤0°C.
Endotoxin Scavenger can be stored at 2 ~ 8°C for one month, stored at -30 ~ -15°C for long-term storage and transported at ≤0°C.
Other components should be stored at room temperature (15 ~ 25°C) and transported at room temperature.


This product is suitable for large-scale extraction of plasmids from 150 - 300 ml of bacterial solution cultured overnight.

Self-prepared Materials:

Absolute ethanol, isopropanol, 50 ml round-bottom centrifuge tubes and 50 ml endotoxinfree centrifuge tubes.