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AffiPURE® Cell/Tissue Total RNA Isolation Kit V2

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AffiPURE® Cell/Tissue Total RNA Isolation Kit V2

The AffiPURE® Cell/Tissue Total RNA Isolation Kit V2 provides a rapid method for extracting total RNA from animal tissues and cells. The kit is based on silica gel membrane purification technology and does not require β-mercaptoethanol, phenol/chloroform, or any other toxic reagent during the extraction process. It takes only 6 min to extract high-quality RNA. The kit contains AffiPURE® gDNA-Filter Columns III which can effectively remove impurities and gDNA. AffiPURE® RNA Columns III can efficiently bind RNA with an optimized buffer to obtain high-purity total RNA. The isolated RNA has little gDNA residues and no proteins or other impurities contamination. It can be used for RT-PCR, Real-Time PCR, Microarrarys and other downstream experiments.


Components AFG-VZ-RC112-01
50 Reactions
Buffer RL 35 mL
Buffer RW1 45 mL
Buffer RW2 20 mL
RNase-free ddH2O 10 mL
AffiPURE gDNA-Filter Columns III (each in a 2 mL Collection Tube) 50
AffiPURE RNA Columns III (each in a 2 mL Collection Tube) 50
RNase-free Collection Tubes 1.5 mL 50



Buffer RL: Provide the environment required for animal tissue and cell lysis.
Buffer RW1: Remove impurities such as proteins and DNA.
Buffer RW2: Remove salt ion residues.
RNase-free ddH2O: Elute total RNA.
AffiPURE gDNA-Filter Columns III: Adsorb DNA and remove impurities in the lysate.
AffiPURE RNA Columns III: Adsorb RNA specifically.
Collection Tubes 2 mL: Collect filtrate.
RNase-free Collection Tubes 1.5 mL: Collect RNA.


Store at 15 ~ 25℃ and transport at room temperature.


Animal tissues (10 - 20 mg) Cultured cells (<5 × 10^6).