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AffiPURE® Cell/Tissue DNA Isolation Mini Kit

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AffiPURE®  Cell/Tissue DNA Isolation Mini Kit

AffiPURE® Cell/Tissue DNA Isolation Mini Kit is intended for the extraction of genomic DNA from 1 - 20 mg of animal tissues and less than 5 × 10^6 cultured cells. This kit is based on silica gel column purification technology that eliminates the need for extraction using phenol/chloroform organic solvents or time-consuming alcohol precipitation. The whole extraction process takes only 30 - 60 min. The obtained DNA is ready for use in enzyme digestion, PCR, library preparation, virus DNA detection, etc.


Components AFG-VZ-DC102-01
Buffer GA 40 mL
Buffer GB 40 mL
RNase Solution 1,1 mL
Proteinase K 2 mL
Washing Buffer A 26 mL
Washing Buffer B 40 mL
Elution Buffer 40 mL
AffiPURE gDNA Columns 100
Collection Tubes 2 ml 100



Buffer GA: Provide an environment for sample lysis.
RNase Solution: Degrade RNA in the sample.
Washing Buffer A: Remove proteins and other impurities from genomic DNA.
Elution Buffer: Elute genomic DNA from the spin column.
Buffer GB: Elute Proteinase K and provides an environment for binding.
Proteinase K: Lyse tissue sample.
Washing Buffer B: Remove salt ions from genomic DNA.
AffiPURE gDNA Columns: Adsorb genomic DNA.
Collection Tubes 2 mL: Collect filtrate



Store Proteinase K and RNase Solution at -30 ~ -15°C and transport at room temperature.
Store the other components at 15 ~ 25°C and transport at room temperature.



1 - 20 mg of animal tissues.
<5 × 10^6 cultured cells.
Liquid samples.