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AffiPURE® Bacteria DNA Isolation Mini Kit

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AffiPURE® Bacteria DNA Isolation Mini Kit

AffiPURE® Bacteria DNA Isolation Mini Kit is specially designed for genomic DNA isolation from bacteria of various origins (Gram-negative bacteria, Gram-positive bacteria). The kit uses silica gel membrane purification technology. No toxic reagents such as phenol chloroform are needed during the extraction process, and no time-consuming alcohol precipitation is required. It minimizes RNA, impurities, lipids and other inhibitory impurities to the utmost extent. The extracted genomic DNA has high purity and stable quality, and can be used in downstream experiments such as digestion, PCR, and Southern hybridization.


Components AFG-VZ-DC103-01
Buffer GA 40 mL
Proteinase K 44 mg
Proteinase K Dissolve Solution 4 mL
RNase A 400 uL
Buffer GB 40 mL
Buffer PB 26 mL
Buffer PW 40 mL
Elution Buffer 40 mL
AffiPURE gDNA Mini Columns III 100
Collection Tubes 2 ml 100



Buffer GA: provides a sample enzymatic environment;
Proteinase K: enzymatic hydrolysis of bacterial samples;
Proteinase K Dissolve Solution: Proteinase K Dilution Buffer;
RNase A: enzymatic hydrolysis of RNA in the sample;
Buffer GB: inactivated Proteinase K, balancing the column;
Buffer PB: removes impurities such as proteins and RNA remaining in DNA;
Buffer PW: removes residual salt ions in DNA;
Elution Buffer: elutes the binding DNA on the column;
AffiPURE gDNA Mini Columns III: adsorbing genomic DNA;
Collection Tubes 2mL: filtrate collection tube.



Store RNase A and Proteinase K dry powder at -30°C ~ -15°C. and transport at room temperature. The other components should be stored at room temperature (15°C - 25°C) and transported at room temperature.


Genomic DNA isolation from < 1.0 x 109 Gram-negative bacteria or Gram-positive bacteria.

Additional Materials Required:

Lysozyme (AffiGEN, Cat.# AFG-VZ-DE103) (for Gram-positive bacteria), absolute ethanol, 1.5 ml centrifuge tube, water bath or metal bath.