AffiPRE® PAGE Gel Quick Preparation Kit (15%)

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Polyacrylamide gel (PAGE gel) is often used for protein electrophoresis to realize protein separation. This kind of gel is generally composed of concentrated gel and separation gel. The former plays the role of concentrating protein samples, while the latter separates proteins of different sizes according to the concentration of acrylamide monomer and N, N-methylenebisacrylamide (methyleneacrylamide) crosslinking agent used in the gel. This kit provides a variety of reagents required for quick preparation of PAGE gel. Users only need to prepare their own gel preparation equipment to prepare gel, which greatly simplifies the gel preparation process. The gel prepared by this kit can only be used for denaturing PAGE gel electrophoresis. This specification can prepare about 125 pieces of mini gel (calculated by 0.75 mm thick gel) .

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