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AffiPCR® Single Cell Sequence Specific Amplification Kit

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AffiPCR® Single Cell Sequence Specific Amplification Kit

The Single Cell Sequence Specific Amplification Kit is a one-step RT-PCR-based amplification method. It is used to achieve transcriptome amplification in single cells or trace amounts of total RNA, which is convenient to reveal the expression levels of different genes between single cells. This kit incluedes RNA extraction and purification, reverse transcription and PCR in one tube, and no additional operations are required. In this case, the kit has the advantages of saving time, reducing experimental errors, reducing pollution, and improving sensitivity. This kit is also suitable for one-step amplification of 2 - 1,000 cells, and the number of cycles of one-step amplification should be adjusted according to the number of cells.


Component Quantity
2X Reaction Mix 500 μL
RT/Taq enzymeb 200 μL
Nuclease-free ddH2O 2 × 1.25 mL



It is applicable for amplification of transcriptomes in single cells and trace amounts of total RNA.


For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

  • RT/Taq enzyme contains high concentration of glycerol. Please centrifuge briefly and mix gently before use.
  • Collect to the bottom of the tube, mix thoroughly and pipet accurately. Please use Nuclease-free pipette tips, EP tubes and other Nuclease-free materials to avoid contamination during the experiment.

Storage Conditions:

Store at temperatures between -30°C and -15°C, and ensure transportation at ≤0°C. After thawing, they can be stored at 4°C for up to three months, maintaining their quality and efficacy.


AFG-VZ-P621 AffiGEN AffiPCR® Single Cell Sequence Specific Amplification Kit
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