AffiPCR® Recombinant Deoxyribonuclease I (DNase I, RNase-free) (2 U/μL)

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DNase I is an endonuclease that can digest single- or double-stranded DNA. It can hydrolyze phosphodiester bonds to produce mono- and oligodeoxynucleotides containing a 5'-phosphate group and a 3'-OH group. The optimal working pH range of DNase I is 7-8. The activity of DNase I depends on Ca2+ and can be activated by divalent metal ions such as Co2+, Mn2+, Zn2+, etc. In the presence of Mg2+, DNase I can randomly cleave any site of double-stranded DNA; while in the presence of Mn2+, DNase I can cleave DNA double-stranded at the same site, forming blunt ends or sticky ends with 1-2 nucleotides protruding. This enzyme is derived from recombinant E. coli strains, does not contain RNase, and can be used for the treatment of various RNA samples.

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