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AffiPCR® One Step RT-PCR Kit (Dye Plus) V2

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AffiPCR® One Step RT-PCR Kit (Dye Plus) V2

AffiPCR® One Step RT-PCR Kit (Dye Plus) V2 is specially designed for RNA detection (such as RNA virus). With the HiScript II One Step RT-PCR Kit and gene-specific primers (GSP), both reverse transcription and PCR amplification are performed in the same tube, with no additional pipetting procedures, which improves detection through-put and minimizes potential contamination. This kit contains HiScript II Reverse Transcriptase, RNase inhibitor, and Champagne Taq plus hot-start DNA Polymerase, which enables high-sensitive total RNA detection (as little as 1 pg) and long-fragment amplification (as long as 10 kb). The 2X One Step Mix (Dye Plus) contains an opimized buffer, dNTPs, and Loading Dye.

Content of the kit:

Components AFG-VZ-P612-01
50 rxn (50 μl/rxn)
RNase free ddH2O 1 ml × 2
2X One Step Mix (Dye Plus) a 625 μl × 2
One Step Enzyme Mix b 125 µl


a. Contains dNTPs and Loading Dye.

b. Contains RNase inhibitor, HiScript II Reverse Transcriptase, and Champagne Taq plus Polymerase.


All components should be stored at -20°C.