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AffiPCR® One Step Mouse Genotyping Kit

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AffiPCR® One Step Mouse Genotyping Kit

The AffiPCR® One Step Mouse Genotyping Kit provides an affordable and efficient way to genotype mouse populations quickly. Powered by the proprietary Affinity Biologicals PCR amplification technology, this kit offers a reliable and accurate solution to detect simple and complex mutations for research and development.

One Step Mouse Genotyping Kit is specially designed for the rapid genotyping of mouse, which contains a complete set of reagents for DNA extraction and PCR amplification. This kit can be used for the rapid extraction of genomic DNA from mouse tails, ears, toes, and other tissues. The extracted genomic DNA can be used directly as template for PCR amplification with no need of homogenization, crushing, overnight digestion, phenol-chloroform extraction, DNA precipitation or column purification operations, which greatly shortens the experimental time. During use, immerse the tissue into a lysis solution premixed with Proteinase K, incubate at 55℃ for 20 min, and then heat at 95℃ for 5 min to inactivate Proteinase K. After centrifugation, the lysate can be directly used as the template for PCR amplification. After repeated tests, it is widely applicable to the amplification of target fragments within 2 kb, and is suitable for Multiplex PCR within four fragments. 2X Taq Plus Master Mix (Dye Plus) in this kit contains Taq Plus DNA Polymerase, dNTP, and an optimized buffer system. It only needs to add primers and templates to perform amplification, thereby reducing pipetting operations, significantly controlling cross-contamination among samples, and improving detection throughput and reproducibility of results. The amplification system contains protective agents that keep 2X Taq Plus Master Mix (Dye Plus) stable in activity after repeated freezing and thawing. 2X Taq Plus Master Mix (Dye Plus) contains loading buffer, PCR products can be directly loaded for electrophoresis after the reaction. The PCR product has an adenine at the 3' end that can be cloned into the T vector. It is also compatible with ClonExpress and TOPO cloning kits.


Components Quantity

11X Mouse tissue Lysis Buffer

Proteinase K

2X Taq Plus Master Mix (Dye Plus)

25 mM MgCl2

5X PCR Enhancer*

40 mL

800 μL

5 mL

500 μL

2 mL



AFG-VZ-PD101 AffiGEN AffiPCR® One Step Mouse Genotyping Kit
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