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AffiPCR® Geno-SNP Probe Master Mix

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AffiPCR® Geno-SNP Probe Master Mix

AffiPCR® Geno-SNP Probe Master Mix is specially designed for single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) typing by probe-based qPCR, which can be performed simply by only adding additional primers, Taqman MGB probes and templates. This master mix uses Champagne Taq DNA Polymerase as the core enzyme, with carefully optimized Buffer, the success rate of typing on lowconcentration templates and complex templates has been increased. This product contains a unique ROX Passive Reference Dye that is suitable for all qPCR instruments. The concentration of ROX does not need to be adjusted on different instruments.


AFG-VZ-Q811-02 (500 rxns/20 μl reaction):
2X Geno-SNP Probe Master Mix* | 4 × 1.25 ml
AFG-VZ-Q811-03 (2,500 rxns/20 μl reaction):
2X Geno-SNP Probe Master Mix* | 5 x (4 × 1.25 ml)

* It contains dNTP Mix, Mg2+, Champagne Taq DNA polymerase, Specific ROX Reference Dye.


Store at -30°C ~ -15°C and transport at ≤0°C. Keep away from light.


This product is suitable for DNA amplification from various type of templates such as genomic DNA, cDNA, plasmid DNA and λDNA.


AFG-VZ-Q811 AffiGEN AffiPCR® Geno-SNP Probe Master Mix
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