AffiPCR® 2×Ultra-Rapid HotStart PCR Master Mix (with Dye)

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2× Ultra-Rapid HotStart PCR Master Mix (with Dye) is based on the modified Taq DNA Polymerase, adding a strong extension factor, amplification enhancement factor, and optimized buffer system, with super high amplification efficiency. The amplification speed of complex templates such as genomes within 3kb reaches 1-3 sec/kb, and that of simple templates like plasmids within 5 kb reaches 1 sec/kb. This product can greatly save PCR reaction time. At the same time, the mix contains dNTP and Mg2+, which can be amplified only by adding primers and templates, which also greatly simplifies the operation steps of the experiment. Furthermore, the mix contains electrophoretic indicator dye, which can be directly electrophoresis after the reaction. The protective agent in this product makes the mix maintain stable activity after repeated freeze and thawing. The 3’-end band A of the PCR product can be easily cloned into the T vector.

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