AffiNGS® OnePot Pro DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina

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Hieff NGSTM OnePot Pro DNA Library Prep Kit for Illumina is a new generation enzymatic fragmentation-based library prep kit professionally developed for Illumina high-throughput sequencing platform. This set simplifies the operation process compared with the traditional library construction method and also greatly reduces the time and cost by performing fragmentation, end repair and dA-tailing of dsDNA in one reaction. This library prep kit has an excellent library conversion rate and is applicable for samples from all common animals, plants, microorganisms, etc., and also the FFPE samples. This upgraded kit using the latest optimized ligase greatly decreases the self-ligation rate during adapter ligation. Moreover, the introduction of a new high-fidelity polymerase further improves the homogeneity and fidelity of amplification.

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