AffiDYE® Plus Tri-Color High Range Protein Marker (25-300 KDa)

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This product consists of 9 highly purified and prestained proteins ranging in molecular weight from 25 kDa to 300 kDa (25, 45, 72, 100, 130, 160, 200, 250, 300 kDa) , among them, 72 kDa is an orange band, 25 kDa is a green band. The labeled apparent molecular weight was calibrated by the molecular weight Marker of standard non-prestained proteins. Using this product, the state of protein electrophoresis and the effect of membrane transfer can be dynamically observed. After SDS-PAGE electrophoresis, the color bands were transferred to the o PVDF membrane and NC membrane. This product is conveniently packaged and is a ready-to-use product, do not heat, dilute or add reducing agents! After the prestained protein is combined with the dye, in different buffer systems, there is displacement. There are signs in the instructions, this product is only for reference when judging the molecular weight of the target protein.

Shipping Condition: Shipped in a cold pack

Product Format: Liquid