AffiDYE® DL 5000 DNA Marker

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The AffiDYE® DL 5000 DNA Marker consists of nine double-stranded DNA fragments (100, 250, 500, 750, 1, 000, 1, 500, 2, 000, 3, 000, 5, 000 bp) . Since this product is premixed with 1×loading dyes, it can be used in agarose gel electrophoresis directly. The concentration of 500 and 1, 500 bp fragments is 125 ng/5 μL, and the concentration of other fragments is 50 ng/5μL. This product is suitable for the analysis of DNA fragments in agarose gel electrophoresis and is not recommended for polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis.

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Product Format: Bag