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AffiDYE® 100 bp DNA Ladder

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This product consists of double-stranded DNA fragments of specific molecular weight and is mixed with loading buffer containing a blue dye, which can be used as standard reference in agarose gel electrophoresis. All the fragments in the DNA Marker/Ladder are obtained by enzymatic digestion and purification. The bands are more clear during electrophoresis and the mass ratio between the bands is more accurate. The 750 bp fragment in the DL2000 Plus DNA Marker, the 1,000 bp fragment in the DL5000 DNA Marker and the 500 bp fragment in the 100 bp DNA Ladder are at a concentration of 100 ng/5 μl, which are bright bands; all the remaining fragments are at a concentration of 50 ng/5 μl.


It is applicable for agarose gel electrophoresis.


For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

  • Please thaw and mix thoroughly before use.
  • The quality of the electrophoresis image is related to the agarose gel and the electrophoresis buffer. Please use high quality agarose, freshly prepared agarose gel, and replace the buffer in time to avoid affecting the electrophoresis results.
  • The concentration of the agarose gel is critical for the separation of DNA fragments. Higher concentration of agarose gel has better separation performance for short DNA fragments, while lower concentration of agarose gel facilitate separation of long DNA fragments. According to the actual situation, a suitable concentration of agarose gel can be selected for electrophoresis.
  • After the DNA fragments of equal mass are subjected to electrophoresis, the fragments with smaller molecular weight are lightly colored and the bands are thick; the fragments with larger molecular weight are colored deeply and the bands are thin. It is a normal phenomenon.
  • If EB is used as the nucleic acids stain dye, it should be noted that the electrical property of EB are opposite to that of DNA. During electrophoresis, EB and DNA migrate in opposite directions. If EB is added when preparing the agarose gel, the smaller molecular weight fragments in the DNA Marker/Ladder may be lightly colored and the bands may be blurred. It is a normal phenomenon.

Storage Conditions:
Store at temperatures between -30℃ and -15℃, and ensure transportation at ≤0℃. After thawing, they can be stored at 4℃ for up to three months, maintaining their quality and efficacy.