AffiDETECT® Mycoplasma Real-time qPCR Detection Kit

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Mycoplasma Real-time qPCR Detection Kit is a product that can accurately detect mycoplasma and verify if there is mycoplasma contamination in the cell bank, virus seeds, biological products, and cells used in clinical treatment, etc. The kit uses the Taqman fluorescent probe and the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tools to qualitatively detect the mycoplasma DNA in the test samples and can cover the mycoplasma DNA of over 100 species. The kit validation is performed in strict accordance with the mycoplasma testing requirements in EP2.6.7 and JPXVII and with high sensitives, specificity, efficiency, and safety. The kit contains an internal control (IC) , which can be used to determine if there is an inhibitor in the sample to the amplification reaction, thus preventing false negative results; The IC can also be added during the sample extraction step to evaluate the extraction effect. This kit is used in conjunction with the Mycoplasma DNA Extraction and Purification Kit to efficiently extract mycoplasma DNA with a detection limit of 10 CFU/mL and a maximum sensitivity of 1 CFU/mL.

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