AffiCLONE® Universal One Step Cloning Kit

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Hieff Clone™ Universal One Step Cloning Kit is a simple, fast, and highly efficient cloning technology and enables directional insertion of any amplified DNA product into any linearized vector at any site. Firstly, the vector is linearized at the cloning site. A small sequence overlapped with each end of the cloning site is added onto the insert through PCR. The insert and the linearized vector, with overlapped sequences of 15 bp - 20 bp on both 5' - and 3' -end, respectively, are mixed in an appropriate ratio and incubated with recombinase at 50℃ for 5-15 min. Hieff Clone™ Universal one step cloning kit is a novel cloning Kit, independent of DNA ligase, significantly reducing the self-ligated colonies and bringing a TRUE positive rate >95%.

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