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AffiASSAY® MTT Cell Proliferation Colorimetric Assay Kit

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AffiASSAY® MTT Cell Proliferation Colorimetric Assay Kit

AffiASSAY® MTT Cell Proliferation Colorimetric Assay Kit is designed to provide accurate and reliable measurements of cell proliferation in various biological samples. This assay kit offers a robust tool for researchers in the fields of cell biology, pharmacology, and drug discovery.

Key Features:

  • High Sensitivity: Our assay kit is optimized to detect even subtle changes in cell proliferation, enabling precise quantification across a wide range of conditions.
  • Colorimetric Detection: Leveraging the colorimetric assay principle, our kit ensures reproducible results with minimal background interference, enhancing assay reliability.
  • Versatile Application: The AffiASSAY® MTT Cell Proliferation Colorimetric Assay Kit is compatible with diverse cell types and culture conditions, facilitating broad experimental applicability.
  • Straightforward Protocol: With a user-friendly protocol, you can obtain proliferation data efficiently, saving time and resources in your research endeavors.
  • Reliable Performance: Whether assessing compound cytotoxicity, screening for proliferation modulators, or studying cellular responses, our kit delivers consistent and dependable results.

Assay Principle:

This assay kit utilizes the reduction of the yellow tetrazolium salt MTT (3-(4,5-dimethylthiazol-2-yl)-2,5-diphenyltetrazolium bromide) to formazan crystals by metabolically active cells. The intensity of the formed purple formazan is proportional to the number of viable proliferating cells in the sample, allowing accurate quantification of cell proliferation.


  • Cell Viability Assessment: Evaluate the viability and proliferation potential of cultured cells under different experimental conditions.
  • Drug Screening: Screen compounds for their effects on cell proliferation, aiding in the identification of potential therapeutic agents.
  • Proliferation Assays: Study cellular proliferation dynamics in response to stimuli, treatments, or genetic manipulations with precision.
  • Cellular Toxicity Testing: Assess the cytotoxicity of chemicals, drugs, or environmental factors on cell growth and proliferation.

Kit Contents:

  • MTT Reagent
  • Cell Culture Medium
  • Stop Solution
  • MTT Solvent
  • 96-Well Assay Plate
  • Detailed Protocol

Why Choose AffiASSAY®?

Our dedication to scientific excellence and quality assurance makes AffiASSAY® the preferred choice for researchers worldwide. We are committed to providing innovative solutions that empower your research and accelerate scientific discoveries.

AffiASSAY® MTT Cell Proliferation Colorimetric Assay Kit Protocol:

[Please note that this protocol serves as a general guideline. Always refer to the specific instructions provided in the kit manual for precise details.]

Materials Needed:

  • AffiASSAY® MTT Cell Proliferation Colorimetric Assay Kit
  • Cultured cells or tissue samples
  • Cell culture plates or vessels
  • 37°C CO2 incubator
  • Microplate reader capable of measuring absorbance at ~570 nm with a reference wavelength at ~630 nm
  • Pipettes and tips


Cell Preparation:

  • Culture cells according to standard protocols until reaching the desired confluence or experimental stage.
  • Harvest cells using trypsin or a suitable cell dissociation reagent and resuspend them in fresh culture medium.
  • Adjust cell density as needed for the assay.

Assay Plate Setup:

  • Seed cells in a 96-well plate at appropriate densities, ensuring uniform distribution across wells.
  • Include wells for blank controls (medium only) and positive controls (untreated cells) as references.

MTT Assay:

  • Prepare the MTT reagent according to the kit instructions.
  • Add an appropriate volume of MTT reagent to each well containing cells.
  • Incubate the plate at 37°C in a CO2 incubator for a specified duration, typically 2-4 hours.
  • After incubation, carefully remove the medium and solubilize the formazan crystals with the provided solvent.

Optical Density Measurement:

  • Measure the absorbance of the converted formazan at around 570 nm using a microplate reader.
  • Use a reference wavelength around 630 nm to correct for background absorbance.

Data Analysis:

  • Calculate cell proliferation or viability based on the absorbance readings, comparing experimental wells to controls.
  • Plot data and analyze results according to your research objectives.

Results Interpretation:

  • Interpret assay results in the context of your experimental conditions and hypotheses.
  • Consider factors such as treatment effects, time course, and replicates in result interpretation.

Data Presentation:

  • Prepare figures or tables summarizing your findings for presentation or publication.
  • Include statistical analyses if applicable to enhance result credibility.


  • Dispose of all waste materials properly, following institutional guidelines for biohazardous waste.
  • Ensure proper storage and labeling of remaining kit components for future use.