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AffiASSAY® Crystal Violet Cell Cytotoxicity Colorimetric Assay Kit

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AffiASSAY® Crystal Violet Cell Cytotoxicity Colorimetric Assay Kit

The AffiASSAY® Crystal Violet Cell Cytotoxicity Colorimetric Assay Kit provides a precise and reliable method for assessing cell viability and cytotoxicity in various biological samples. This assay kit utilizes the crystal violet dye staining method, offering a simple, efficient, and cost-effective solution for researchers in cell biology, drug discovery, and toxicology.

Key Features:

  • High Sensitivity: Our assay kit detects subtle changes in cell viability, allowing for accurate assessment of cytotoxic effects.
  • Colorimetric Detection: Utilizing the crystal violet dye staining method, our kit provides a straightforward and easy-to-read colorimetric readout.
  • Wide Application: The AffiASSAY® Crystal Violet Assay Kit is compatible with various cell types, including adherent and suspension cells, making it suitable for a wide range of experimental setups.
  • Quick and Easy: With a simple and streamlined protocol, you can obtain results in just a few easy steps, saving you valuable time in the lab.
  • Cost-Effective: Our kit offers an affordable solution for assessing cell viability and cytotoxicity, reducing experimental costs without compromising data quality.

Assay Principle:

This assay kit measures cell viability and cytotoxicity based on the ability of viable cells to adhere to the culture plate and retain crystal violet dye. Dead or dying cells lose their ability to adhere and are washed away during the assay process, resulting in a decrease in the staining intensity.


  • Drug Discovery: Screen compounds for cytotoxic effects and assess their impact on cell viability.
  • Toxicology Studies: Evaluate the cytotoxicity of environmental toxins, chemicals, or pharmaceutical agents.
  • Cell Biology: Study cell proliferation, growth inhibition, and cell death mechanisms.

Kit Contents:

  • Crystal Violet Staining Solution
  • Fixation Solution
  • 96-Well Assay Plate
  • Detailed Protocol

Why Choose AffiASSAY®?

Our commitment to excellence and scientific rigor makes AffiASSAY® the trusted choice of researchers worldwide. We strive to provide you with innovative tools that deliver precise results and accelerate your research efforts.

AffiASSAY® Crystal Violet Cell Cytotoxicity Colorimetric Assay Kit Protocol:

[Please note that this protocol is a general guideline, and you should always refer to the specific instructions provided in the kit manual for accurate and detailed information.]

Materials Needed:

  • AffiASSAY® Crystal Violet Cell Cytotoxicity Colorimetric Assay Kit
  • Cell culture plates with adherent cells
  • Cell culture medium
  • Cell culture incubator
  • Microplate reader capable of measuring absorbance
  • Pipettes and tips


Cell Seeding:

  • Seed cells in a suitable culture plate and incubate until they reach the desired confluence.
  • Ensure that the cells are in the exponential growth phase for optimal results.

Assay Setup:

  • Remove the culture medium from the cells and wash them gently with phosphate-buffered saline (PBS).
  • Add the Crystal Violet Staining Solution to each well and incubate for a specified time period.


  • Remove the staining solution and wash the cells with PBS to remove excess dye.
  • Add the Fixation Solution to each well to fix the cells in place.

Colorimetric Measurement:

  • After fixation, solubilize the crystal violet dye with an appropriate solvent.
  • Measure the absorbance of each well at the appropriate wavelength using a microplate reader.

Data Analysis:

  • Calculate the percentage of cell viability or cytotoxicity based on the absorbance values obtained from treated and untreated samples.
  • Compare the results between different experimental conditions to assess the cytotoxic effects.

Results Interpretation:

  • Interpret and analyze your results according to your research objectives.
  • Observe any changes in cell viability or cytotoxicity induced by experimental treatments.

Data Presentation:

  • Prepare your data for presentation or publication, and include the appropriate statistical analysis if required.


  • Dispose of all waste materials, including used assay components, according to your laboratory's safety protocols.
  • Always refer to the specific instructions provided with the AffiASSAY® Crystal Violet Cell Cytotoxicity Colorimetric Assay Kit for any kit-specific details or variations in the protocol.
  • Additionally, ensure that you adhere to the best practices and safety guidelines in your laboratory while conducting the assay.