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AffiAB® Anti-14-3-3 alpha+beta Antibody [SD0837]

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AffiAB® Anti-14-3-3 alpha+beta Antibody [SD0837]

Red fluorescent proteins (RFPs) and variants thereof are widely used to study protein localization and dynamics. For biochemical analysis including mass spectrometry and enzyme activity measurements these RFP-fusion proteins and their interacting factors can be isolated fast and efficiently by immunoprecipitation using the RFP Nanoselector Agarose. RFP Nanoselector Agarose utilizes small recombinant alpaca antibody fragments covalently coupled to the surface of agarose beads.

Species Reactivity: Other

Predicted Species Reactivity: N/A

Tested Applications: IP, Co-IP, Mass Spectrometry, ChIP

Immunogen: N/A

Uniprot ID: N/A

Antibody Type: Nanoslector

Recombinant: YES

Research Areas: N/A

Signal PathwayN/A


Clone No: N/A

Isotype: N/A

Storage: Store at +4C. Do not freeze.

Storage buffer: 20% EtOH

Format: Agarose slurry

Concentration: N/A

Purity: N/A

Positive Control: N/A

Recommended dilutions: N/A