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AffiNGS® VAHTS RNA Multiplex Oligos Set 1 for Illumina

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AffiNGS® VAHTS RNA Multiplex Oligos Set 1 for Illumina

AffiNGS® VAHTS RNA Multiplex Oligos set 1 for Illumina is a special library preparation kit for Illumina high-throughput sequencing platform. Each kit contained VAHTS RNA Adapter-S for Illumina, eight VAHTS i5 PCR Primers, and 12 VAHTS i7 PCR Primers. In combination with each other, it can be used to construct a double-ended Index marker library with up to 384 different combinations. All reagents provided in the kit have undergone strict quality control and functional verification, which ensures the stability and repeatability of library preparation to a large extent.


Application Composent AFG-VZ-N323 (192 rxn)
Universal Adapter VAHTS RNA Adapter-S for Illumina  4 X 240 µl
VAHTS i5 PCR (RM501-RM508) RM501 90 µl
RM502 90 µl
RM503 90 µl
RM504 90 µl
RM505 90 µl
RM506 90 µl
RM507 90 µl
RM508 90 µl
VAHTS i7 PCR (RM701-RM712) RM701 60 µl
RM702 60 µl
RM703 60 µl
RM704 60 µl
RM705 60 µl
RM706 60 µl
RM707 60 µl
RM708 60 µl
RM709 60 µl
RM710 60 µl
RM711 60 µl
RM712 60 µl


All the components should be stored at -20℃.