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AffiPCR® Murine RNase inhibitor

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AffiPCR® Murine RNase inhibitor

AffiPCR® Murine RNase Inhibitor is a recombinant mouse-derived RNase inhibitor expressed and purified in E. coli. It can bind to RNase A, B or C in a non-competitive manner 1:1, thereby inhibiting the activities of the three enzymes and protecting RNA from degradation. Murine RNase Inhibitor is a thermostable-based RNase inhibitor that exhibits inhibitory activity even with thermostable reverse transcriptases such as HiScript Reverse Transcriptase and HiScript II Reverse Transcriptase. It is compatible with various commercial Reverse Transcriptases and DNA Polymerases. Compared with human RNase inhibitor, murine RNase inhibitor does not contain two cysteines that are very sensitive to oxidation in human protein, so it has higher antioxidant activity and is more suitable for experiments sensitive to high DTT (such as qPCR).


Store at -30°C ~ -15°C and transport at ≤0°C.


This product can be used in any application where RNase interference may exist to avoid RNA degradation, such as:

  1. cDNA first-strand synthesis, RT-PCR (both PCR and qPCR systems can be used).
  2. Protection of RNA in in vitro transcription/translation (e.g. virus in vitro replication system).
  3. Inhibit RNase activity during RNA isolation and purification.
  4. RNase protection assay. This product does not interfere with other commonly used enzymes in RNA preparation or analytical applications.


A recombinant E.coli strain carrying the RNase inhibitor gene cloned from mice.

Unit definition:

One unit (U) is defined as the enzyme needed for inhibiting 50% activity of 5 ng RNase A. The activity of RNase A is detected by quantifying the inhibition of hydrolysis from Cyclic 2', 3'-CMP to 3'-CMP.


For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.