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AffiNGS® Hyperactive Universal CUT&Tag Assay Kit for Illumina Pro

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AffiNGS® Hyperactive Universal CUT&Tag Assay Kit for Illumina Pro

The AffiNGS® "Hyperactive Universal CUT&Tag Assay Kit for Illumina Pro" is a reagent kit specially developed for use with the Illumina high-throughput sequencing platform, designed for the targeted study of protein-DNA interactions. The CUT&Tag (Cleavage Under Target & Tagmentation) technology is a novel method for studying protein-DNA interactions. It utilizes a transposase enzyme fused with Protein A/G to precisely target the desired protein under the guidance of antibodies and fragment DNA near the target site.

This kit has been optimized for experimental reaction systems and library construction processes. Compared to traditional ChIP-Seq (Chromatin Immunoprecipitation followed by Sequencing), it offers several advantages, including lower cell input requirements, shorter experimental timelines, higher signal-to-noise ratios, and excellent repeatability. It is particularly well-suited for research in areas such as early embryonic development, stem cells, cancer, and epigenetics.

All reagents in the kit have undergone rigorous quality control and functional validation, ensuring maximum stability and repeatability in library construction.


Components AFG-VZ-TD904-01
12 rxns
48 rxns
Box 1 ConA Beads Pro 130 µl 520 µl
DNA Extract Beads Pro 350 µl 2 X 700 µl
2 X B&W Buffer 10 ml 40 ml
Box 2 pA/G-Tnp Pro (2 μM) 24 µl 96 µl

5% Digitonin 150 µl 600 µl

10 × Binding Buffer 400 µl 2 X 800 µl

NE Buffer 1,2 ml 4 X 1,2 ml

10 × Wash Buffer 2 X 1 ml 8 ml

10 × Dig-300 Buffer 1,2 ml 4 X 1,2 ml

Antibody Buffer (-) 1 ml 4 X 1 ml

5 × TTBL 150 µl 600 µl

10% SDS 50 µl 200 µl

2 × CAM 600 µl 2 X 1,2 ml

DNA Spike-in (5 ng/μl) 12 µl 48 µl


The colors indicated in the product component table represent the colors of the respective component tube caps:

  • pA/G-Tnp Pro = Hyperactive pA/G-Transposon Pro
  • NE Buffer = Nuclear Extract Buffer
  • TTBL = Trueprep Tagment Buffer L
  • CAM = CUT&Tag Amplification Mix

Storage conditions:

BOX 1: Store at 2 ~ 8°C, adjust transportation method based on destination.

BOX 2: Store 5% Digitonin at -30 ~ -15°C, can be stored at room temperature (15 ~ 25°C) for up to 1 week; store the remaining components at -30 ~ -15°C and transport at ≤0°C.