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AffiNGS® Hyperactive pG-MNase CUT&RUN Assay Kit for Illumina

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AffiNGS® Hyperactive pG-MNase CUT&RUN Assay Kit for Illumina

The AffiNGS® Hyperactive pG-MNase CUT&RUN Assay Kit for Illumina is a reagent kit designed for studying protein-DNA interactions, specifically tailored for the Illumina high-throughput sequencing platform. The CUT&RUN (Cleavage Under Targets and Release Using Nuclease) technique is a novel method for investigating protein-DNA interactions. This method utilizes MNase (Micrococcal Nuclease) fused with Protein G, which enables precise targeting of specific proteins guided by antibodies. The MNase enzyme cleaves DNA fragments in proximity to the target sites. This assay kit has been optimized for experimental conditions and library preparation workflows.

Compared to traditional ChIP-Seq methods, the kit offers several advantages such as high experimental success rate, strong antibody compatibility, shorter experimental time, and simplified procedures. It is particularly well-suited for research areas such as early embryonic development, stem cells, oncology, and epigenetics. All reagents included in the kit undergo stringent quality control and functional validation, ensuring the stability and reproducibility of library construction.


Components AFG-VZ-HD102-01
(24 rxns)
BOX 1 ConA Beads Pro 260 µl
BOX 2 FastPure gDNA Mini Columns 24 ml
Collection Tubes 2 ml 24 ml
Buffer GDP 24 ml
Buffer GW 4 ml
BOX 3 pG-MNase Enzyme 30 µl
MNase Dilution Buffer 2 x 1,3 ml
5% Digitonin 1,3 ml
10 × Binding Buffer 800 µl
10 × Wash Buffer 12 ml
Antibody Buffer(-) 2 x 1,2 ml
CaCl2 48 µl
2 × Stop Buffer(-) 2 x 1,2 ml
Spike in DNA (5 ng/μl) 24 µl
DNA Damage Repair Enzyme 48 µl
End Prep Buffer 240 µl
End Prep Enzyme 120 µl
Rapid Ligation Buffer 600 µl
Rapid DNA Ligase 120 µl
VAHTS HiFi Amplification Mix 600 µl
PCR Primer Mix3 for Illumina 120 µl



BOX 1: ConA Beads Pro, store at 2 ~ 8℃, adjust shipping method based on destination; BOX 2: Store at 15 ~ 25℃, ship at room temperature; BOX 3: 5% Digitonin, store at -30 ~ -15℃, can be stored at room temperature (15 ~ 25℃) for 1 week; Other components, store at -30 ~ -15℃; Transport at or below ≤0℃.