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AffiNGS® Discover-sc WTA Kit V2

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AffiNGS® Discover-sc WTA Kit V2

AffiNGS® Discover-sc WTA Kit V2 is capable of obtaining sufficient samples for sequence analysis through first-strand cDNA synthesis and amplification using 1 - 1,000 cells or 10 pg - 10 ng of total RNA as templates, thus overcoming the technical difficulty that the conventional mRNA-seq method cannot be used for sequence analysis of trace samples such as single cells due to the low RNA content.
The kit employs Oligo dT Primer as the reverse transcription primer for cDNA synthesis. The kit also utilizes the template-switching activity of Discover-sc Reverse Transcriptase to add an adapter sequence at the 3' end of the cDNA, based on which subsequent PCR amplification is performed to obtain full-length cDNA amplification products, effectively avoiding 3' end preferences and rRNA contamination during cDNA synthesis.
Discover-sc WTA Kit V2 is an upgraded version developed on the basis of Discover-sc WTA Kit.
The upgraded version features substantially improved detection sensitivity and volume compatibility, and is more suitable for the detection of low-abundance genes and low-concentration templates. Generally, one reaction can output 2 - 20 ng of cDNA amplification products.


Components AFG-VZ-N711-01
(12 rxns)
(24 rxns)
(96 rxns)
BOX 1 Discover-sc TS Oligo V2 12 µl 24 µl 96 µl
Control Total RNA (1 μg/μl) 5 µl 5 µl 5 µl
BOX 2 10X Lysis Buffer V2 230 µl 460 µl 2 x 920 µl
RNase Inhibitor 20 µl 40 µl 160 µl
Oligo dT Primer 24 µl 48 µl 192 µl
dNTP Mix 24 µl 48 µl 192 µl
DTT 12 µl 24 µl 96 µl
5X FS Buffer V2 48 µl 96 µl 384 µl
Discover-sc Reverse Transcriptase 12 µl 24 µl 96 µl
2X Discover-sc PCR Mix 300 µl 600 µl 4 x 600 µl
Discover-sc WTA PCR Primer 12 µl 24 µl 96 µl
Elution Buffer 1 ml 1 µl 2 x 1 ml
Nuclease-free ddH2O 1 ml 1 µl 2 x 1 ml

Colored bullets indicate the cap of the reagent to be added.


BOX 1: Store at -85 ~ -65°C and ship on dry ice.

BOX 2: Store at -30 ~ -15°C and transport at ≤0°C.