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AffiPCR® 5'/3' RACE Kit

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AffiPCR® 5'/3' RACE Kit

The AffiPCR® 5'/3' RACE Kit can be used to efficiently reverse the full-length cDNA using RNA as the template, and quickly amplify its 5' or 3' end using the cDNA as the template. The kit contains the components required for 5' RACE and 3' RACE amplification, which can be selected according to the experimental requirements. This product provides directionally modified reverse transcriptase with Template-Switching activity and high-fidelity PCR amplification Mix, no adapter ligation is required, and the product supplied as Mix greatly simplifies the operational procedure. All the reagents in the kit have undergone rigorous quality control and functional testing to ensure the repeatability of results.


Components (Box 1) Quantity
5' TS Oligo 10 μL
 Control 293 cell Total RNA (1 μg/μl) μL

Components (Box 2) Quantity
3' CDS Prime 20 μL
5' CDS Primer 20 μL
5X FS Buffer 40 μL
10X Enzyme Mix 20 μL
dNTP Mix 20 μL
2X PCR Mix 2 X 650 μL
10X Universal Primer Mix (UPM)* 400 μL
5' Control GSP 10 μL
3' Control GSP 10 μL
5' Random Primer  50 μL
Nested Primer 20 μL
RNase-free ddH2O 1 mL
Dilution Buffer  1 mL



This product is suitable for 5'/3' RACE amplification of 10 ng - 1 μg of Total RNA or Poly A+ RNA.

Storage Conditions:

BOX 1 should be stored at -85 ~ -65°C and shipped on dry ice.

BOX 2 should be stored at -30 ~ -15°C and shipped on dry ice.