cDNA Synthesis using AffiPCR® All in One RT-PCR Master Mix with gDNA Removal

cDNA Synthesis using AffiPCR® All in One RT-PCR Master Mix with gDNA R

cDNA Synthesis using AffiPCR® All in One RT-PCR Master Mix with gDNA Removal

In the dynamic realm of molecular biology, the quest for streamlined and precise methodologies is incessant. As researchers endeavor to unravel the complexities of gene expression, the importance of efficient cDNA synthesis cannot be overstated. Enter AffiPCR® All-in-One RT-PCR Master Mix with gDNA Removal – a cutting-edge solution poised to revolutionize your molecular workflows.

The Challenge of Genomic DNA Contamination

One of the primary hurdles in cDNA synthesis is the potential contamination of genomic DNA (gDNA), which can skew downstream analyses and compromise result accuracy. Traditional methods often necessitate separate steps for gDNA removal, adding complexity and time to the process. However, with AffiPCR®, this challenge is elegantly addressed through an integrated gDNA removal mechanism, ensuring pristine cDNA samples for robust analysis.

The AffiPCR® Advantage: Seamless Integration, Superior Results

AffiPCR® All-in-One RT-PCR Master Mix represents the pinnacle of innovation, combining reverse transcription and PCR amplification into a single, cohesive solution. With the added feature of gDNA removal, this master mix streamlines the cDNA synthesis process, enhancing efficiency without sacrificing precision. Researchers can now embark on their experimental journey with confidence, knowing that AffiPCR® has their back every step of the way.

How It Works: A Seamless Workflow

Utilizing AffiPCR® for cDNA synthesis is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly protocol:

Thaw and Mix: Thoroughly thaw the AffiPCR® All-in-One RT-PCR Master Mix and other components before use. Mix gently to ensure homogeneity.

Prepare Reaction Mix: Assemble the reaction mix by combining the master mix, RNA template, and nuclease-free water. The integrated gDNA removal enzyme is activated upon setup, eliminating the need for additional steps.

Incubate and Amplify: Initiate reverse transcription and PCR amplification by incubating the reaction mix under optimized conditions. The proprietary formulation of AffiPCR® ensures robust and reproducible results, even from challenging samples.

Experience Pristine cDNA: Upon completion of the reaction, enjoy the fruits of your labor – pristine cDNA samples, free from gDNA contamination. These samples are ready for downstream applications, including qPCR, sequencing, and gene expression analysis.

The Impact: Empowering Research, Accelerating Discoveries

By simplifying and enhancing the cDNA synthesis process, AffiPCR® empowers researchers to focus on what truly matters – scientific discovery. With reduced hands-on time, minimized risk of contamination, and unparalleled performance, AffiPCR® facilitates faster data generation and accelerates the pace of research across diverse fields, from basic science to clinical diagnostics.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Research with AffiPCR®

In the quest for scientific advancement, precision and efficiency are paramount. AffiPCR® All-in-One RT-PCR Master Mix with gDNA Removal embodies these principles, offering a transformative solution for cDNA synthesis. Embrace the future of molecular biology with AffiPCR® and unlock new dimensions of discovery in your research endeavors.



AffiPCR® All In One 5X RT MasterMix With gDNA Removal

Size: 100 Reactions

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