AffiCHECK® PCR Controls by Equipment - Enhancing Diagnostic PCR Accuracy

AffiCHECK® PCR Controls by Equipment - Enhancing Diagnostic PCR Accuracy | AffiGEN®

AffiGEN® understands the critical importance of accurate and reliable PCR results in the field of diagnostic molecular biology. AffiCHECK® PCR Controls by Equipment are specifically developed to optimize PCR performance on a wide range of diagnostic equipment. Let's explore the classification of equipment used for diagnostic PCR and discover how AffiCHECK® PCR Controls can elevate the accuracy of your molecular diagnostics.

Abbott ID NOW™

Applied BioCode MDx 3000

BD Max™

BD ProbeTec™

BioFire™ FilmArray®

Bios QuantStudio

Cepheid® GeneXpert®

Focus Simplexa™

GenMark® ePlex®

Hologic® Panther Fusion®

Luminex® Aries®

Luminex® MAGPIX®

Luminex® VERIGENE®


Quidel® Sofia®

Roche cobas® Liat®

Visby Medical™

Why Choose AffiCHECK® PCR Controls by Equipment?

1. Enhanced Compatibility: AffiCHECK® PCR Controls are designed to be compatible with a wide range of diagnostic PCR equipment, ensuring seamless integration into your existing workflows.

2. Optimal Performance: These controls have undergone rigorous testing to guarantee optimal performance on different equipment models, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of your molecular diagnostics.

4. Reliable Quality Assurance: Each AffiCHECK® PCR Control is subjected to stringent quality assurance protocols to ensure consistency, stability, and reproducibility. This ensures that you can trust the controls for accurate and reliable results.

5. Streamlined Workflow: By utilizing AffiCHECK® PCR Controls, you can streamline your diagnostic PCR workflow, saving time and reducing the risk of experimental errors.

Unlock Precise and Reliable Molecular Diagnostics with AffiCHECK® PCR Controls by Equipment

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