AffiDYE® GelRed (10,000X): Nucleic Acid Staining

AffiDYE® GelRed (10,000X): Nucleic Acid Staining

Explore AffiDYE® GelRed, a groundbreaking nucleic acid stain that significantly enhances DNA and RNA visualization in laboratory settings. With its advanced formulation, AffiDYE® GelRed offers a safer, highly sensitive alternative to traditional staining methods like ethidium bromide, redefining standards in molecular biology.

What is AffiDYE® GelRed?
AffiDYE® GelRed is a fluorescent nucleic acid stain designed for optimal visualization of DNA and RNA in agarose or polyacrylamide gels. Its unique formulation reduces the health and environmental risks associated with traditional stains, while maintaining or even surpassing their sensitivity and ease of use.

Unmatched Safety Profile
The safety profile of AffiDYE® GelRed is unrivaled. It's specifically engineered to be non-mutagenic and non-cytotoxic, significantly reducing laboratory health risks. Its environmental impact is also minimized, thanks to its safe disposal methods, aligning with modern eco-friendly lab practices.

Versatile Applications and Usage
AffiDYE® GelRed’s versatility is evident in its wide range of applications. Whether you're working with DNA or RNA, in agarose or polyacrylamide gels, AffiDYE® GelRed delivers consistent results. It's also compatible with standard UV and blue light transilluminators, offering flexibility in visualization methods.

Detailed Protocol Overview
Using AffiDYE® GelRed is straightforward, whether you incorporate it during gel preparation or post-electrophoresis. For pre-cast gels, mix AffiDYE® GelRed directly with the gel solution before polymerization. For post-electrophoresis staining, immerse the gel in a AffiDYE® GelRed staining solution. Optimal staining times can vary, so we recommend starting with a 30-minute incubation, which can be adjusted based on intensity requirements.

Comprehensive Troubleshooting Tips

Encounter challenges? We've got you covered.

If you experience low staining intensity, ensure the correct AffiDYE® GelRed concentration and verify the staining time.

For high background noise, reduce the staining duration or dilute the AffiDYE® GelRed solution further.

Uneven staining often results from incomplete mixing or uneven gel casting – ensure thorough mixing and consistent gel preparation.


What is the shelf life of AffiDYE® GelRed? It has a stable shelf life of two years at room temperature.

Can AffiDYE® GelRed be used with both DNA and RNA? It is equally effective for staining both DNA and RNA.

What safety precautions should be taken? While significantly safer than ethidium bromide, standard lab safety practices should still be observed when handling AffiDYE® GelRed.

Conclusion and Contact Information
Choose AffiDYE® GelRed for a safer, more sensitive, and environmentally responsible approach to nucleic acid staining. For further information, specific inquiries, or to request a sample, contact us using the details provided.


AffiDYE® GelRed (10,000X)

CAT# AFG-VZ-GR501-01
Size: 0.5 mL

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