What are the AffiGEN® brands?

AffiAB® Discover reliable antibodies and immunoassay solutions to facilitate protein analysis, immunohistochemistry, Western blotting, and flow cytometry applications. Ideal for biomarker detection, protein expression profiling, and cellular imaging studies.

AffiADA® Data analysis tools and software for analyzing and interpreting experimental data in the life sciences. Applications include data visualization, statistical analysis, and bioinformatics analysis.

AffiASSAY® Your go-to for precise colorimetric and fluorometric assay kits. Simplify your workflows and ensure accurate measurements in enzyme activity, protein quantification, and biomarker detection studies.

AffiBEADS® Versatile magnetic and agarose beads for molecular and cellular assays, including immunoprecipitation, protein purification, and cell isolation. Ideal for affinity purification, protein-protein interaction studies, and biomolecule immobilization.

AffiBIOTECH® Your partner in molecular biology, providing essential enzymes, vectors, and kits for genetic engineering and protein expression. Accelerate your research with our high-quality biotechnology solutions.

AffiBIOTICS® Probiotics and prebiotics for microbiome research and gut health applications. Ideal for studying microbial ecology, host-microbe interactions, and probiotic supplementation.

AffiBULK® Bulk quantities of reagents, buffers, and solutions for high-throughput experiments and large-scale applications. Ideal for laboratories with high-volume research needs.

AffiCELL® Offering advanced tools and technologies for cell biology research, including cell culture media, growth factors, cell isolation kits, and analysis reagents. Applications range from cell proliferation and differentiation studies to cell signaling and drug screening assays.

AffiCHECK® Quality control solutions, including reference standards, assay controls, and proficiency testing materials for assay development and validation. Applications encompass assay performance evaluation, assay calibration, and result verification.

AffiCLONE® Facilitating molecular cloning experiments with high-quality vectors, enzymes, and kits. Ideal for gene cloning, protein expression, site-directed mutagenesis, and DNA library construction applications.

AffiCLEAN® Cleaning agents and disinfectants for maintaining a clean and sterile laboratory environment. Ideal for decontaminating lab equipment, surfaces, and biological safety cabinets.

AffiCUSTOM® Customized solutions and services tailored to meet specific research requirements, including custom assay development, custom antibody production, and OEM manufacturing.

AffiDETECT® Sensitive detection assays for quantifying target analytes in biological samples, including ELISA, PCR, and immunofluorescence assays. Ideal for biomarker detection, disease diagnosis, and pharmacokinetic studies.

AffiDNA® DNA analysis tools and kits for studying DNA structure, function, and interactions. Applications include PCR, DNA sequencing, genotyping, and DNA-protein interaction studies.

AffiDYE® Specializing in fluorescent dyes and probes for fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry, and in vivo imaging studies. Applications include cellular imaging, tracking biomolecules, and studying molecular interactions.

AffiELISA® Specializing in ELISA reagents and kits for sensitive and specific detection of target analytes in biological samples. Applications include cytokine detection, protein quantification, disease diagnosis, and drug screening assays.

AffiEXTRACT® Offering nucleic acid extraction and purification kits for high-quality DNA and RNA isolation from various sample types. Applications include PCR, qPCR, sequencing, and gene expression analysis.

AffiGEN® Your premier source for high-quality life science supplies catering to diverse research needs, including antibodies, reagents, assay kits, and consumables. Applications include molecular biology, cell biology, immunology, and neuroscience research.

AffiGEL® Gel electrophoresis products for separating and analyzing nucleic acids and proteins. Applications include DNA fragment analysis, protein size determination, and nucleic acid purification.

AffiKIT® Ready-to-use assay kits and reagent panels for simplified experimental workflows in molecular biology and biochemistry. Ideal for protein quantification, enzyme assays, and molecular diagnostics.

AffiMEDIUM® Culture media and supplements for cell culture and microbiology experiments. Ideal for cell proliferation, cell maintenance, and bacterial growth in research and industrial settings.

AffiNEURO® Specialized tools and technologies for neuroscience research, including neuronal cell culture reagents, neurotransmitter detection kits, and neurodegeneration assays. Ideal for studying synaptic transmission, neural development, and neurological disorders.

AffiNGS® Next-generation sequencing solutions, including library preparation kits, sequencing platforms, and bioinformatics tools. Applications encompass whole-genome sequencing, RNA sequencing, metagenomics, and genetic variation analysis.

AffiPATH® Pathway analysis tools and resources for studying cellular signaling pathways and disease mechanisms. Applications include pathway enrichment analysis, network visualization, and drug target identification.

AffiPEG® Polyethylene glycol (PEG) products for protein conjugation, drug delivery, and surface modification. Ideal for PEGylation, protein purification, and nanoparticle synthesis.

AffiPLANT® Tools and reagents for plant biology research, including plant growth regulators, DNA extraction kits, and plant gene expression analysis kits. Ideal for studying plant development, physiology, and molecular biology.

AffiPLASMID® Plasmid DNA products for cloning, gene expression, and transfection experiments. Ideal for gene cloning, recombinant protein expression, and molecular cloning applications.

AffiPREP® Providing buffers, media, and solutions for sample preparation in molecular biology and biochemistry experiments. Ideal for DNA/RNA extraction, protein purification, and sample cleanup prior to analysis.

AffiPURE® Purification systems and consumables for protein, nucleic acid, and small molecule purification. Applications include affinity chromatography, size exclusion chromatography, and ion exchange chromatography.

AffiREC® Offering tools for recombinant protein expression, including expression vectors, host systems, and purification kits. Applications encompass recombinant protein production for structural biology, drug discovery, and therapeutic development.

AffiRNA® RNA analysis tools and kits for studying gene expression, RNA structure, and RNA-protein interactions. Applications include RT-PCR, RNA sequencing, RNA interference, and RNA-protein binding assays.

AffiSHIELD® Sterile filtration products for protecting cell cultures and molecular biology reagents from contamination. Ideal for sterilizing media, buffers, and solutions used in cell culture and microbiology experiments.

AffiSTAIN® Histology and cytology stains for routine and special staining procedures in pathology and research laboratories. Applications include tissue staining, cell morphology analysis, and histopathological diagnosis.

AffiTEST® Diagnostic test kits and assays for clinical and research use, providing rapid and sensitive detection of various analytes and biomarkers. Applications encompass disease diagnosis, biomarker screening, and monitoring of treatment efficacy.

AffiVET® Providing diagnostic reagents and assays for veterinary medicine, including ELISA kits, PCR assays, and rapid tests. Applications encompass disease diagnosis, pathogen detection, and monitoring of animal health.

AffiVECTOR® Viral and non-viral vectors for gene delivery and gene expression experiments. Applications include gene transfer, gene therapy, and RNA interference (RNAi) studies.

AffiVIR® Viral vectors and viral expression systems for gene delivery and gene therapy applications. Ideal for gene transfer, protein expression, and gene editing experiments.